There's something for everyone at Harvey Norman.

Online, mobile or at your local Harvey Norman store; see below for our Christmas shopping options.

Easy Payment Options

Spoil your family this Christmas with one of our easy payment options.

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Christmas Trading Hours

With over 180 stores nationwide, you can get all your shopping done on time this festive season.
Check your local Harvey Norman store for Christmas trading hours.

Online Shopping Options

Use Click & Collect to shop online and pick up your goodies from your local Harvey Norman store right up until Christmas Eve.
Shop online before Monday 15th December, 2014 to guarantee pre Christmas delivery.

There's something for everyone at Harvey Norman. Our team of elves can help you choose the perfect gift! Simply click on the gifts below to be surprised!

10 x $150 vouchers to give away

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Visit your local store to receive your free 6"x4" photo with Santa.

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*2. Santa not available in all stores. Please check your local store for appearance times and details. Limit 1 photo per family. Available in store only.